Armored glass

Armored glass

Externally, armored glass for a car is practically no different from ordinary auto glass. However, it has a much larger set of functions. Armored glass will not shatter when hit by a firearm.

If the bullet hits an ordinary windshield or side glass, the shock wave will turn it into a crumb. It will no longer be able to contain the blows. Armored glass reliably protects passengers, because it is thicker than usual and consists of several layers.

When hitting the outer layer, the ball flattens and wastes energy. Then it stops in the middle layer. The final layer dampens the shock wave and retains the fragments. At the same time, bulletproof glass will not crumble and will remain monolithic when even several bullets hit it.

TG Lab uses bulletproof glass from the UAE:

  • with protection level B6 (thickness 42 mm);
  • with protection level B6+ (thickness 55 mm);
  • with protection level B7 (thickness 73 mm).

We are confident in the quality of our armored glass, because it has been successfully tested and tested in already armored cars more than once.

You can order a reservation by calling +38 096 074-91-94

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