Car booking

Car booking

Armored cars are a guarantee of saving the lives of many people. Of course, not every person needs such a car. But politicians, famous personalities, diplomats and people who understand that their security may be at risk often turn to armored vehicles.

To turn an ordinary car into an armored car is not just to cover it with a protective film. Booking is the creation of a protective capsule that does not affect the appearance of the car. During the creation of armor, the car is completely disassembled, the skin is removed, leaving only the body. After the work is completed, the armored car protects against bullets. Whereas the protective film is only against stones on the road and tree branches.

Levels of ballistic protection

The TG Lab company creates armored cars from cars of any brand: Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet and others. In our work, we rely on international standards and requirements. We work with civilian cars.

Armor in civilian cars is graded depending on the degree of protection: B1-B7 and B12. We offer protection levels B6 and B7. Because B1 is protection from the manufacturer. B12 is an ultra level of protection that saves even combat vehicles in wartime from explosions of grenades and mines.

Class B6 armor protects the lives of passengers against 3 single hits from an AK-47 machine gun with a caliber of 7.62 from a distance of 10 meters. B7 will also protect against the explosion of a fragmentation grenade and against a hit from a 7.62 caliber rifle with a heat-strengthened core.

How is the reservation made?

The process takes up to a month. In advance, we inspect the car to assess the scope of work and determine the cost.

Then we get to work:

  1. Interior disassembly.
  2. Construction of a homogeneous metal capsule inside the car.
  3. Seam welding.
  4. Priming.
  5. Door booking.
  6. Installation of armored glass.
  7. 7. Replacement of car suspension.
  8. Replacing the braking system with a special reinforced one.
  9. Installation of the RunFlat system on wheels.
  10. Assembling the cabin in the reverse order.

An important stage after booking is testing the car and testing the armor. We carry out these works in several stages.

You can order your car reservation by calling +38 096 074-91-94.

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