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Hidden capsule booking

Armored car - what does it mean? Conventionally, cars with an increased degree of protection can be divided into three categories: military vehicles, cars for transporting valuables and passenger cars with hidden protection. How the car will turn out after booking depends on the customer's technical task and tasks that he has to solve.

The advantage of capsule booking is the protection of the cabin from all sides. The design of the armor strengthens the frame of the car, that is, it acts as an additional body of the car. The internal module is designed so that each element of the capsule is based on the supporting structure of the machine, but at the same time, they serve as a support for each other.

The main area of TG Lab's work is hidden capsule booking of passenger cars. We create a capsule inside the body - a "cage", which has bulletproof elements on each side: glass, doors, seats, roof, floor, etc. In case of shelling, the car will be damaged, but a reliable capsule will protect the lives of the passengers.

How do we install the inner protective capsule?

  • We remove all interior elements.

Carpets, seats, interior decoration, electrical wiring.

  • We install doors and bumpers.

We cut all the hollow parts (posts, doors) and strengthen them with steel sheets and other materials. If at the same time the weight of the door increases significantly, we put a third hinge. We strengthen the bumpers, stretch the ballistic fabric on the floor and ceiling. 

  • We change the glass.

We put bulletproof. They are thicker than ordinary ones, because they consist of several layers. At the request of the client, we change the electric window motors to faster ones. 

  • We work with tires. 

We install the RunFlat system "running flat" on the tires. With such a system on wheels, you can drive 70 km after damage and avoid losing control.

  • We strengthen the suspension and the engine. 

Even the smallest armor increases the weight of the vehicle. Usually the weight of the machine increases to 1700 kg, but sometimes more. Such weight requires strengthening the chassis, brakes, and sometimes the transmission. To maintain controllability, we install reinforced shock absorbers and springs. 

  • We test the car.

To be sure of the quality of our work, we conduct tests of armored cars. Before handing over the work to the client, we conduct several stages of testing: we test the camber, suspension, braking system, scan the electronics, and detail the car.

You can find out more about capsule car booking by calling +38 096 074-91-94.

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